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About Adam Beckett – and why you should (or shouldn’t) read this blog.

 I live on a an attractive avenue in Oswestry, Britain, with my Wife Jen and our dog Suzie.

Life is good. I only need to ‘work’ around four hours per week to maintain most of my income. This is nothing special : I’m an average guy and no Millionaire, I just have a great Lifestyle.

That said, I’m always busy, developing new brands and businesses for fun – and preferably passive income.

My aim of this blog is to inspire you to innovate and enjoy Life and work on your own terms.


So, why Bootstrap Cafe?

Bootstrap : to build a business from virtually nothing in order to retain full control of your brand and future. I did this and I want to help others do the same (and better) than myself.

Cafe : I’m not stupid. Coffee is the most traded commodity in the World: people like coffee and they like the community to be found in coffee shops.

That’s what Bootstrap Cafe is, a virtual Cafe where people who want to create a movement share ideas and support.


About me

I’m an Ex Pro Photographer turned Marketer and Solopreneur. I’ve been on free luxury corporate cruises and had all the accolades, but I don’t care about that.

passive income allows time out to stay healthy and enjoy time with my Family and friends.

I definitely work to live.



Leisure Park Energy

For Renewable Energy Rockstars



Life wasn’t always this good.

It took using my head, learning by many mistakes, guts, drive, determination and fifteen years to get this far, even though we’re not Millionaires. Don’t take fifteen years to get where you need to be, whatever you do.

If you’re looking to put your health and happiness first, whilst finding new ways to enjoy your work – and work as much or as little as you choose, this blog is for you.


I can’t promise you the Earth, I’m no Guru and don’t care to be a Thought Leader, even if that’s what people say I am.


I don’t want to rip anyone off or tell lies. Really I’m an average guy with a true story to tell, some real value to give and a real interest in helping as many people as possible to live Life on their terms.

One person is fine – millions would be great.


If you’re prepared to do some hard work, to think smart and learn to embrace innovation, you’re in for one Hell of a ride. Let’s go.


Can you relate to any of this?


Energy is a precious thing. Don’t waste it.

 I don’t want to waste my Life trapped in traffic, tied to things or a cubicle.                

I want to work at what I enjoy from home or wherever I find myself in the World. 

I want time flexibility to explore new experiences.


I put my Personal Energy into my Personal Brand

I don’t want to chase The Dollar or make a Boss rich or be Target – Driven to some far – flung Utopia.

I don’t want the daily grind, or even to be location independent and still be compulsively checking email.


I want to live in the now and appreciate every moment.


I just want to be with Jen more of the time and stay fit and stress – free. As you go though Life, you’ll realize it’s not about the money. Real value is all about the people around you, the relationships you build with yourself and people you relate with – and how much you care for each other that counts.


I don’t want to ruin the Earth

I have a low Carbon footprint. I drive my small sports car infrequently, walk as much as I can and broadcast from my mobile device instead of a pointless commute to a fixed office


Slowdown, exit plan, fire your Boss, Save The Planet, whatever: do you want that enough? What is your Why?


When you look back on your Life it’s the love and good energy you give out that counts.


I hope my ongoing Life story at this blog helps you live your version of success. Feel free to subscribe 

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