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I can no longer relate to the 9 – 5. It’s inflexible and I don’t believe it makes for a happier Life.Who says you must work these hours anyway?

My day goes something like this:

I’m not an early riser.

Getting up at 6.30 am to waste time commuting to an office and throwing away £2000 per year on fuel never worked out well in my experience; these days I rarely set my alarm, instead I start work at a time that suits my body clock. Sometimes early but usually mid morning.

I work from home with minimal overheads and minimal generated debt.

Now that the architecture of my niche energy business is set up I can often get away with working from anywhere there’s phone reception at minimum two hours per week on tickover.

EDIT : july 2014 – these days I’m working my nuts off ( again ) because I love it and I still want to grow our income / available time to have fun

I worked like Hell to get here: if you think you’ll build something substantial without working hard, you’re making a big mistake, however smart and productive you are.

I still consider myself a starter; other people work four hours every six months and generate a massive income.


Cuddles in bed @ 10am

Jen is having a bad day. Her illness is getting the better of her and sometimes all I can do is give emotional support.

So we have a curl up together on the bed, with a cup of tea for comfort. If I still commuted I wouldn’t be here.

Our dog isn’t an early riser either. This seems to work for her too. Around 11am we’re playing ball in the park.

My Blackberry pings a couple of time sensitive work Emails; that’s Self Employment for you, occasional interruptions to your leisure time with a lot more flexibility overall.


9 to 5 Cubicle Nation

Now back to ‘reality’ for most people, who are exchanging their time to make someone else rich: I have a lot of very well paid friends in other peoples businesses. They have nice holidays and company cars and they’re very happy.

That’s just not the way I live my Life. I’m more engaged in creating longer term value for myself and my Family whilst needing less cars/clothes/houses etc. Whatever my income.



I spend a lot more time at home than most people because I figure time spent with those I love is finite and I couldn’t forgive myself if I chose to ignore that option.

Time to work

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours actively growing (not maintaining) my business doing only those tasks to create the biggest value for my customers and partners, therefore creating the largest long term repeat income for me.

After getting the money in first I like to constantly learn. Currently reading The $100 Startup 

( Edit 2014 : I rarely read blogs or industry books these days since I prefer to help others by concentrating on my own info output. ) 

Around four o’clock (to avoid the rush hour) I took Jen over to her Family home and tonight I’m building new income streams for fun based around subjects I’m passionate about that pay well, fuelled by Coffee and music, currently Dubstep works well.



Tomorrow my alarm is again not set. I’m not dreading work, instead I look forward to it.

The first thing I’m going out of the house for is to visit the gym – for less than twenty five minutes.
This year I’m 45 and still feel fit.

In fact I try to do everything in 25 minutes or less since I’ve got a short attention span.


How I got Here

It’s been hard work, plenty of knock backs and long hours spent getting here, but the possibilities are endless.

If you wish, you can find out more about me on the My Story page. Be sure though to return here and take the test.



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