Define Your Life in 2012

If you live in a state of unrest or anxiety about the future, you can start to dispel that feeling now by keeping a cool head and consistent working towards the Life you want.

My focus is on more time out to appreciate every good thing I have in my Life.

You can buy time by focusing your energy on The Important.

bootstrap lifestyle designIn 2011 my moderate passive income bought me the time to work primarily from home, so that I could support my Girlfriend through her serious illness and also enjoy being with her more of the time.

Think how it would feel for you to spend more time every day with someone you love.Would you feel happy? Yes you would, because on your last day alive that’s what you would choose to do.

In 2012 I’ll be helping other people to create passive income so that they can buy more time out.

In doing so I’ll leverage other peoples time to create more passive income for myself, allowing me more time to think and appreciate everything I love.

Three things to do now

1. Look around you and count your Lucky Stars. Appreciate everyone and everything you have.

2. Spend no more than ten minutes today writing down your idea and how you are going to earn income from it. This should be something you have a passion for.

Be sure to do that today and get it written down in under a minute if possible – do not allow the task to stretch to ten minutes unnecessarily.

3. Subscribe by Email to this blog.
Spend ten minutes a week reading each new article, which will be delivered to your Email address immediately after it’s published.

Use a pen to write notes, then spend ten minutes doing only the most important actions to turn your idea into a reality.

I will give you a system to make that happen.

A final few words: every action has a consequence. If you never think, if you never question, you can never create anything of consequence for yourself.

A heartfelt thank you for reading Bootstrap Cafe in 2011 and I wish you and your Family a very happy New Year!

All the best, Adam

P.S. so what’s your big idea? Comment below if you need help with that!

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