How You Waste All Your Best Ideas

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This will be quick; it must be to get the point across.

I just walked in the house with 101 things to do – we’re all busy, but we need to know where our priorities are, am I right?

You could busy yourself with a multitude of unimportant tasks, but if you keep filling your Life with the day to day dross, you suck everything that matters out of you, because you never seem to realize That Dream.

So get your priorities sorted now.


Mine are

  • personal health
  • relationships
  • stuff (material things)

If I never wrote this, I’d never help you focus on the important and I’d never have got one of my best thoughts out of my head. Then I’d never feel happy that I got to remind you that to be healthy in mind you have to stop letting your best ideas be forgotten.

Write, right now

If you’ve never thought about what matters most to you, write down in one sentence what it is you stand for. Right now.

Then start something.

Do it repeatedly, stay consistent and keep doing it  until you produce something that matters.

Then share it

As fast as you can – however you can, be it via a Blog like this one, or displaying that piece of Art you never believed would never be appreciated by anyone else, or launching that crazy business idea that you’ve been too scared to launch.

There’s a huge World full of people; someone will get something valuable from your best thoughts, so get them out of yourself now.

This is one of my best thoughts as a gift to you. Now go do.

I feel better already…

So, what’s your idea? what’s your priority? comment below and Tweet this post out, thanks.


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