worthy work

Lately I’ve realised that I’ve ignored my most worthy work.

Sometimes as creatives/ business owners we can go off at all sorts of tangents. Whilst frequent experiments are good ( see my previous post ) its easy to ignore your best work just because you’ve been at it for years.

I suggest you readDerek Sivers if you’re looking for a grown up, balanced view of being an Entreprenuer. I certainly love the simplicity and quiet truth at his personal blog.

When I think about how important energy is to Civilisation, I remember that my previous work in the field of commercial energy has been, well, rather good.

Thinking of personal blogs, I’m in process of reintroducing my own name blog at Adambeckett.net which at present is not an existing blog at all ; I merely own the domain name.

When deciding what I stand for, I’ve settled on continuing and improving my personal brand of advice on energy, because finding sustainable solutions for energy in the wider context of a rapidly changing world Environment is something worth standing for.

There will be a mix of personal stories and sensible advice for anyone interested in responsible, smart energy use.

Here at The Cafe I’ll continue with my more random stream of consciousness , I think with more inspiration for both Entrepreneurs and those in careers who are looking to improve their existing work.

If you’ve read this post to the end, thank you.
I really appreciate you being here.


Dubstep : Try One New Thing

Dubstep : work, life, attitude . why you must try one new thing today .


Dubstep . Love it or hate it, the creativity is boundless – but how does this relate to your Life and work ?

To get inspired you need to try one new thing that could start good change in your everyday existence. It’s a snowball effect.

Skream ( Ollie Jones ) has always fascinated me in the way he works . There’s a story here and you can listen in below ( 3 mins )

Comments ? Go ahead

How to get paid in full

How to get paid in full for your work.

I think its about time for you and I to cash in on our potential, don’t you ?

The challenge

We all have our challenges in life . Over the last year my wife Jen has been seriously ill ( she has Multiple Sclerosis ) and whilst she has recently experienced an almost miraculous recovery, I’ve had to take my foot off the moneymaking throttle.

So with less money in the bank, now has never been a better time to launch a mission to help every reader here to create a worthwhile income from their existing talents.

Frankly, that way we all get paid.

Experiment Time

Here at my little blog I’ve never really asked anyone for anything in the way of money; whilst that’s a good way to build a trusting audience it would be a shame for me not to earn a penny from all the good advice I’ve dished out through Bootstrap Cafe and my previous personal blogs some of you have followed over the last five years.

How to get paid in full online

Don’t worry this won’t be some sort of making money online ‘Guru’ exercise, just a few words of common sense.

Over the years I’ve spent thousands of hours ( over ) analysing various marketing and lifestyle design blogs, very few of which I follow now.

Recently I read an interesting post by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

I’ve watched Pat build up an incredibly lucrative business online in the last few years. I highly recommend you visit SPI and check out what Pat has been up to lately.

What interested me was that Pat publishes his monthly income reports, the last of which stood at $98,639.65 not too shabby and a huge credit to Pats hard work, consistency and bravery.

Somehow from Pats latest post I stumbled into another blog Entrepreneuronfireby John Lee Dumas . What was interesting is that at the top of the site last months income was $241,492.00

.. Interesting ..

So what’s stopping me from doing the same ?

Nothing really.

A quick scan of the two aformentioned blogs yielded a couple of immediately useful points .

Pats blog is IMO the prettiest, very streamlined.

EOF is more cluttered but immediately sells more stuff.

This extends to the “Start Here” post on each blog, a very important post or page on any blog or website.

Pat promotes webhosting ( pays well ) then focuses on the email opt in ( perfect ) .

Mr. Dumas promotes webhosting, immediately followed by whole load of other stuff. Man, this guy isn’t shy of asking to be paid, and why shouldn’t he? He offers a great resource.

Listen up !

The other difference is that EOF primarily posts podcasts , which are a faster and more impactful way of communicating.
These podcasts tend to be guest interviews with many different stories from many different personalities. Good work.

So I’ll wrap this up. Expect me to be following suit.

Whilst I don’t need a huge income, I’m sure I can usefully employ the above strategies to make more rapid gains in key knowledge for my audience here, which means more money for me.

There I’ve said the ‘M’ word .

So, do you use these strategies on your site or blog , or if you don’t would you like to get paid by doing so ? Let’s hear you .

Not You

I once worked in an industry where people took to the stage to make elevator speeches. Those people went on to make six figure monthly incomes, which was fine for them.

Whilst I think I could have joined the elevator people, I know that space wasn’t right for me, which is why I took my own path.

Here’s a small story from when I was eleven.

We were having a lesson in school ( history I think ) and everyone in the room was convinced their answer was right, all except me. Everyone though I was ridiculous to believe what I did, but I refused to back down.

In reality people aren’t as convinced as they sometimes seem, they just put up their hand because everyone else does and it makes them feel safe.

And I got the answer right. Everyone else in the room had convinced themselves that the wrong answer was the right choice. People do that in Life often, when ‘leaders’ shout or adverts bark incessantly, telling us how to be.

So what’s the right answer ?

It’s the answer that feels right for you. Once you know yourself and can trust in your instincts just go for it, with no need to be afraid.

Energy Rockstars

I’ve been working on Energy Rockstars today – this is a side project that shouldn’t be a side project.

This is because the subject matter is so centrally important to the continuation of Humanity : clean energy to combat the threat of climate change.

Think for a moment how monumental climate change is to mankind . If you’d care to think deeper then read Our Choice by Al Gore and decide how high up your list of fears it should sit.

I’ve got a feeling Energy Rockstars could be the most important project I may ever launch, because it exists to help green energy companies to accelerate their technologies and services to market, where they can make a positive impact.

I’d like you to visit energy rockstars now for a brief moment and critique it as a work in progress . There’s very little there to critique but your input will be extraordinarily helpful at this formative stage.

I’d also appreciate you hitting the Twitter share button top right on this blog post if you care about climate change and want to help.

Perhaps you can contribute to something good, who knows ?

Thank you


hubpages aquires squidoo

hubpages aquires squidoo

I tend to spend very little time writing about tactics that don’t get results, so why mention hubpages aquires squidoo ?

Well, just one article written on seth godins squidoo article site consistently sent the most traffic to this exact blog. Hence my interest in this aquisition.

Why you’re reading this : you want buyers to visit your website and fund your independent lifestyle.

1. If I type “hubpages aquires squidoo” into Google 2710 search results come up for this exact search term. Anything between 1000 and 3000 global monthly searches will have a small amount of niche interest from online marketers, some of whom have found that Squidoo worked well for them.

2. Its a short term trending topic of interest.

The switchover happens on 1st October 2014, so there’ll be a short intense active interest in this event.

So why would this interest readers at Bootstrap Cafe.

I make some of my passive income from a few niche websites, this allows me some personal freedom and a more flexible lifestyle ; readers here tend to have their interest away from a rigid 9 to 5 employed existence.

This also means they’re interested in finding new ways to earn a living (from personal passions if possible) and anything that gets good eyes to their blog or website is going to help them build a movement.

I’ll wrap this up by reiterating that writing just one article from Squidoo gave a great investment of my time : up to 500+ unique visitors per month at one time, when for some reason my article ranked #4 on Squidoo in its category.

Action to take now

Get signed up to hubpages now and get some articles up there on subjects you passionately care about if you want to get traffic to your site.

Article Marketing is dead ? Not from where I’m standing.

For more tips please subscribe to my emails, thank you !


empire building

If you’re empire buildingyour business brands right now you have many paths to choose from. It’s more a case of what not to do rather than what you could do.

I post up here as much to regulate my own direction as to help my readers, with my end goal always being a high quality of daily life.

I’m taking a three pronged approach to empire building, both to spread risk and offer creative variety (without burning myself out).

I’ll make this a quick read and hope you enjoy my making mental jumps ahead in my predictions of how each project could go based on experience ..


Scoopalicious our retro ice cream business is going really well, with my wife Jen’s personality and more importanther inspiring story behind it the brand has every chance of success.

Two trikes are better than one since we’ve recently done our first corporate promotional event with the spoon Gorilla sculpture , Uri Geller and Prince Micheal of Kent at the British Ironwork Centre.

We could have done with being at our other pitch in our local park, so another trike purchase is likely.

Sustainable expansion in our second year of trading.

Longer term, franchising might be an option, but only after we’ve made the base model as profitable and fun. Then we have an attractive model for potential uk wide partners.

Whether we go down that route depends on real need : there is plenty of profit to be extracted from a couple of ice cream bikes.

The main thing is to make scoopalicious quirky, retro and differentiate it from other brands with our story, which is why our blog Supalicious exists .

One business, one attached blog.
You’ll notice this pattern repeating in this post.

Here’s my other project : Energy Rockstars

Accelerating green energy

Whilst my niche energy business is ticking over I’m really much more enthused about helping green energy to market as a real legacy of good I can leave behind.

Whilst I do intend to earn good money from this, its also a moral and personal imperative for me.

There are other utilities businesses that I have been involved with in the past which have a superb distribution model and an excellent time leverage aspect – however there’s no drive towards promoting green energy.

Fundamentally flawed in my opinion.

Since I know a great deal about direct sales and niche energy marketing, especially internet energy marketing (IM) I can leverage my knowledge to create residual income in a few ways :

• I’ll be using my existing niche energy business as a test ‘mule’ which of course will increase profits.

• I’ll aim to build a team of good people who will be uniquely positioned to offer my energy service package to every niche sector in the UK , with me earning a percentage of their generated passive income.

Leverage is what separates the time – rich .

• The lessons learned will be passed onto green energy companies via Energy Rockstars.com eventually earning me a residual income from a monthly paid subscription newsletter.

For a short time its all free , so if you are interested in energy marketing or just marketing online in general, vist the site and sign up for the free emails there.

So, why would I sell all my best kept secrets? Because online nothing is secret .

Once the competition google search and data mine for new directions in their energy marketing everything eventually surfaces. Others will imitate me, but so long as I get there first in my niche, I get paid.

And selling information products to the right target market does pay very well indeed, based on an exceptionally good info product and pricing strategy.

That’s the why, but now back to the brand and how it could pan out.

ER is all about green energy companies creating engagement, excitement and ultimately buyers for their green energy products.

The main difference here from other energy marketing brands is ‘excitement’ .

When I was creating this energy marketing brand I had adrenalin sports in mind . I want to take a bold approach here to shake up the perception of energy as being ‘boring’ .

This is something that has to happen with my own energy business, otherwise I’d die of creative starvation ; there are far more exciting things than provide cheap energy prices all day long -and there’s no way a six figure income could sustain my interest if my day to day existence was that drab.

ER could spread worldwide with no barriers. It just takes time and hard work, which is why I’m up at 5.30 am writing this, with a packed day ahead.

I believe empire building takes effort but needs fun at its core.

I believe time, money and fun do go hand in hand if keep a level business head and stay close to your heart.

How about you? Are you living proof or are you on the empire building trail ?

It takes a lot of time and effort to write these posts, so I’d really appreciate it if you email me now using support (at) bootstrapcafe.com with your thoughts – the best responses will be featured in my next post.