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No I’m not that Adam Beckett the animator I’m Adam Beckett, an ex professional photographer turned self employed energy marketer working from my home in Oswestry in England.

Free yourself

It takes a lot of hard work to free yourself as a business owner. I’ve done it and made lots of mistakes along the way – these days I like to help others with inspiration and practical tips to give your venture or movement the lift off it deserves!

Bootstrap Cafe is now permanently underground.

I no longer blog in public here; all my best advice comes by email because that’s where I get the most engaged readers. I don’t spam or sell your information and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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Makers get things done.

Whether its an electronic device, art, or business don’t be afraid to make something.

Many of us get more scared as we age; because I’ve developed a habit of building new things as I get older I care less about what others think.

Build, fail, fail, fail, fail. Succeed.

I’ve failed in business and on a personal level many times. Finally I’m really happy.

So above all, don’t ever fail to be a maker.

If you are scared, as we all are at times, be brave and push through. You’ll be happier for it.


WHY create anything?

Whether its art or business, there’s no reason not to make something new.


Because you can, in an instant. That’s the miracle of you, because you are unique.

When you stop to consider the enormity of this, your amazing potential, it’s incredible.

Go do

Lose everything that no longer matters

I decided long ago to work hard at losing everything that no longer matters to myself.

I’m sure you feel the same way at times, just clear the junk in your life and move on, light and free; often though this is just talk.

So to avoid more of what doesn’t matter I’m taking less on. Possessions and business ‘opportunities’ can lose their shine pretty quickly so I’ve learned to filter.

By applying heuristics in advance of anything I take on and outsourcing wherever possible when I do start a new business project I reduce my exposure to heavy time input whilst still exploring my creative side.

My next moves workwise are a compromise between staying with what I know (heeding advice from Warren Buffett) and trying new approaches within that field (energy).

Help everyone else get what they want and you will get everything you need.

I’ve realised that I need other people to help get things done and I’m setting up an energy marketing resource to help people worlwide to optimize their online energy marketing in a very simple way.

To that end I’ve set up energybrokr which is niche specific to the work I do, perhaps a little too niche – but there is many an an energy broker affiliate that would love to know what I do right now.


Tim Ferriss’ 4HWW is awash with stories of outsourcing less important tasks.

Lately I’ve been setting up a tiny website in a profitable energy niche using the help of the talent on fiver

For $5 (£3.54 at todays exchange rates) Andreas is making a website banner, and for around £20 Derren is making a professional intro video.

Update 25.6.2015 : I’ve already generated £409 off this niche site, which seems small beans, however there’s a big and almost wide open market to go at.

So I’ve outsourced all the stuff I won’t invest time in, or don’t have the skill or resources to do.

What this means for me is more time and less risk

Now I can concentrate on the important part, which is writing a few pages of good sales and info copy using my specialist knowledge.

So there we have a brief experiment with low time and financial risk, now I can concentrate on the important things like spending time with my family and looking after my health.

Possessions have quietly increasef to a point where I’m not comfortable so I’m offloading everything that can help someone else via ebay or free to friends or whoever wants my junk for their treasure trove.

If you’re new here, or you’ve got stories about offloading and simplification or want help with creating something new starting online, comment below and I’ll reply.

Thank you for reading here.


What Works

What works for me in work is enjoyment.

Enjoying my work powers everything from fulfilment to financial reward; witness my wifes tiny ice cream empire

I’ve been quiet here at bootstrap cafe but more active at Supalicious, motivated by the fact that we can get creative with something that belongs entirely to us.

Yesterday we basked by our ice cream trike in the Sun after happy people queued to throw money at us.

I’ve got many ideas including organizing more events like the recent Disco Day in Oswestry park, having a mini art gallery, bringing wacky flavours and most importantly many acts of random kindness.

Its not about the money, although the money rolls in, this is about happiness.
And that, my friends, is the point of Life.


If its been quiet here, I can explain.

Having looked at a few niches ( self development, fitness, even dating ) I’ve come full circle back to energy.

Its best to play to your strengths and interests and I have to admit finding interest in commercial energy took me some time.

Eventually I found that helping others to build their own business and lifestyle suited me better than prospecting for customers. Also online offers more chance for creativity and I believe better long term results.

So energybrokr is being rolled out in simple form.

80/20 rule

The idea is to find twenty good people and earn a percentage of what the make, easier said than done as I know one hundred affiliates later I should just about there.

Eighty percent will never deliver much, twenty percent will work the business properly and five percent will do very well.

So I’m under no delusion that I’ll get rich overnight, there’s a huge amount of work to be done.

Hopefully I’ll leverage my time well with a large enough and end up with a strong base passive income from several sources. We’ll see.

Check out and let me know your thoughts!

Meanwhile, Jen is starting up her Summer business, Scoopalicious ( ice cream trike ) which is really the happiest job in the world.

Really that’s all it has to be. We don’t care about it being a huge franchised money spinner, although it may be one day.

What we do care about is happiness for Jen and people who buy from her.
Demand is on the up and expansion in a small and careful way is coming.

Here’s the thing : we’re having fun. That really counts for a lot.

If you’re enjoying life and work, then great – if you’re not please start to make a change now.

NO amount of money is worth living a life of quiet desperation for.

worthy work

Lately I’ve realised that I’ve ignored my most worthy work.

Sometimes as creatives/ business owners we can go off at all sorts of tangents. Whilst frequent experiments are good ( see my previous post ) its easy to ignore your best work just because you’ve been at it for years.

I suggest you readDerek Sivers if you’re looking for a grown up, balanced view of being an Entreprenuer. I certainly love the simplicity and quiet truth at his personal blog.

When I think about how important energy is to Civilisation, I remember that my previous work in the field of commercial energy has been, well, rather good.

Thinking of personal blogs, I’m in process of reintroducing my own name blog at which at present is not an existing blog at all ; I merely own the domain name.

When deciding what I stand for, I’ve settled on continuing and improving my personal brand of advice on energy, because finding sustainable solutions for energy in the wider context of a rapidly changing world Environment is something worth standing for.

There will be a mix of personal stories and sensible advice for anyone interested in responsible, smart energy use.

Here at The Cafe I’ll continue with my more random stream of consciousness , I think with more inspiration for both Entrepreneurs and those in careers who are looking to improve their existing work.

If you’ve read this post to the end, thank you.
I really appreciate you being here.


Dubstep : Try One New Thing

Dubstep : work, life, attitude . why you must try one new thing today .

Dubstep . Love it or hate it, the creativity is boundless – but how does this relate to your Life and work ?

To get inspired you need to try one new thing that could start good change in your everyday existence. It’s a snowball effect.

Skream ( Ollie Jones ) has always fascinated me in the way he works . There’s a story here and you can listen in below ( 3 mins )

Comments ? Go ahead