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If you’re empire buildingyour business brands right now you have many paths to choose from. It’s more a case of what not to do rather than what you could do.

I post up here as much to regulate my own direction as to help my readers, with my end goal always being a high quality of daily life.

I’m taking a three pronged approach to empire building, both to spread risk and offer creative variety (without burning myself out).

I’ll make this a quick read and hope you enjoy my making mental jumps ahead in my predictions of how each project could go based on experience ..


Scoopalicious our retro ice cream business is going really well, with my wife Jen’s personality and more importanther inspiring story behind it the brand has every chance of success.

Two trikes are better than one since we’ve recently done our first corporate promotional event with the spoon Gorilla sculpture , Uri Geller and Prince Micheal of Kent at the British Ironwork Centre.

We could have done with being at our other pitch in our local park, so another trike purchase is likely.

Sustainable expansion in our second year of trading.

Longer term, franchising might be an option, but only after we’ve made the base model as profitable and fun. Then we have an attractive model for potential uk wide partners.

Whether we go down that route depends on real need : there is plenty of profit to be extracted from a couple of ice cream bikes.

The main thing is to make scoopalicious quirky, retro and differentiate it from other brands with our story, which is why our blog Supalicious exists .

One business, one attached blog.
You’ll notice this pattern repeating in this post.

Here’s my other project : Energy Rockstars

Accelerating green energy

Whilst my niche energy business is ticking over I’m really much more enthused about helping green energy to market as a real legacy of good I can leave behind.

Whilst I do intend to earn good money from this, its also a moral and personal imperative for me.

There are other utilities businesses that I have been involved with in the past which have a superb distribution model and an excellent time leverage aspect – however there’s no drive towards promoting green energy.

Fundamentally flawed in my opinion.

Since I know a great deal about direct sales and niche energy marketing, especially internet energy marketing (IM) I can leverage my knowledge to create residual income in a few ways :

• I’ll be using my existing niche energy business as a test ‘mule’ which of course will increase profits.

• I’ll aim to build a team of good people who will be uniquely positioned to offer my energy service package to every niche sector in the UK , with me earning a percentage of their generated passive income.

Leverage is what separates the time – rich .

• The lessons learned will be passed onto green energy companies via Energy Rockstars.com eventually earning me a residual income from a monthly paid subscription newsletter.

For a short time its all free , so if you are interested in energy marketing or just marketing online in general, vist the site and sign up for the free emails there.

So, why would I sell all my best kept secrets? Because online nothing is secret .

Once the competition google search and data mine for new directions in their energy marketing everything eventually surfaces. Others will imitate me, but so long as I get there first in my niche, I get paid.

And selling information products to the right target market does pay very well indeed, based on an exceptionally good info product and pricing strategy.

That’s the why, but now back to the brand and how it could pan out.

ER is all about green energy companies creating engagement, excitement and ultimately buyers for their green energy products.

The main difference here from other energy marketing brands is ‘excitement’ .

When I was creating this energy marketing brand I had adrenalin sports in mind . I want to take a bold approach here to shake up the perception of energy as being ‘boring’ .

This is something that has to happen with my own energy business, otherwise I’d die of creative starvation ; there are far more exciting things than provide cheap energy prices all day long -and there’s no way a six figure income could sustain my interest if my day to day existence was that drab.

ER could spread worldwide with no barriers. It just takes time and hard work, which is why I’m up at 5.30 am writing this, with a packed day ahead.

I believe empire building takes effort but needs fun at its core.

I believe time, money and fun do go hand in hand if keep a level business head and stay close to your heart.

How about you? Are you living proof or are you on the empire building trail ?

It takes a lot of time and effort to write these posts, so I’d really appreciate it if you email me now using support (at) bootstrapcafe.com with your thoughts – the best responses will be featured in my next post.

Everything changes

Change is good .

anna fur laxis Annafurlaxis by Adam Beckett ” Leeds Pop Boutique

So long as you’re open to change you’ll always be alright in Life, because unpredictability is the nature of the universe.

That’s why I’m taking different directions in how and what I work at; a new project sets off a whole new process in my head. And I never know where that will take me.

My Twitter profile just changed from a pretty boring ‘ Bootstrapper ‘ to this ( by the time you read this, it will have evolved again )

Adam Beckett

Adam Beckett


Life/work at • into alt culture, health, JDM, electronica, burlesque, old school photography . Enjoying life with the lovely Jen : )

I have to say I’m relieved . I feel that I’m doing things that suit my personality more, which has got work better in business and positively influence the way I live.

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The Future

I had many plans . But everything has changed .

Of course I want to help you to be financially free and to find your true way in Life, but I have to make certain things happen first.

I’ll keep this brief. I want you to know that just because this blog will be quiet ( for however long it takes ) my passive income projects are still ongoing.

It’s best now to sign up for my email alerts since you’ll be the first to know what happens next.

Meanwhile I’ll be writing a certain book (designed to create a passive income) but more important I’ll be doing something that contributes in a concrete sense to saving the World .

Until then you know what to do. Hit the subscribe button.

Thank you, Adam

Kicking off at the Cafe

It’s all kicking off at Bootstrap Cafe. Here’s a super quick update and some tips for how to get things done amongst the mayhem.

Personal : now that Jen’s MS symptons have eased we can get back to making it happen business wise whilst making sure we still get a lot of quality time together.

We’ll be generating a lot of visitors and cultural activity in our home town of Oswestry, which will benefit the community and send more people to enjoy ice cream from Jens Scoopalicious vintage trike.

Energy : I run a niche energy business based in the uk ( serving caravan parks ) – I’m leveraging more passive income by building a large base of referrers, working with renewable energy companies initially.

Energy / Marketing

I’m arming those renewable energy companies to defend our planet using the best energy marketing advice possible in order for them to accelerate renewable energy installations.

This works from a business perspective : they grow their business and pass referrals through to my energy brand.

More than this, renewable energy companies across the world get the help they need. From an ethical perspective this matters the most to me. I’ve got enough money, I just want to something big that I can be proud of with my Energy Rockstars brand ( my book will soon be available there ) if you’ll excuse the frankly crap look of the site for now and be sure to subscribe by email there for news of the impending launch.

That’s it. Whizzing off to the Gym now .. But just before I go I’ll tell you how to get things done in the age of distraction.

1. Kick yourself up the arse. Just focus on one thing and work in 25 minute bursts until its done. And I mean work like someone’s got a gun to your head.

2. Limit your time to complete the task : this means you only do the most importsant actions to get fast results. Focus on a result today, not next week.

I wrote a small book on productivity called Profocus : search for the title using the search bar at the bottom and be sure to comment with your feedback. Every comment will get my personal reaction.

How To Create True Wealth

True Wealth = Time + Money


In over six years of bringing valuable business start up advice I never asked for anything in return. Never tried to sell anything to my readers of any of my various blogs.

Now I think it’s time for us to create some real value together.


How To Create True Wealth in 2014

When I decided not to renew my domain at adambeckett.com I dropped by a few weeks later to see what had happened. It turned out that domain has been bought up and now links out to all sorts of sites selling stuff. There doesn’t appear to be any particular focus there, just affiliate links.

For someone to buy the domain means that there was enough traffic to that site to make it worth their while. That traffic was built up by me over several years where I shared stories of escaping the office and being your own boss, based on my own experience.

Since I’ve continued in a similar vein here at Bootstrap Cafe I guess you’re interested in an alternative to stress of the nine – to – five work for someone else scenario. Perhaps you’ve already escaped that scene, having read works along the lines of Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week for inspiration.

If this is the first time we’ve met, my background is as a former photographer who went into sales and marketing, building a few brands for myself along the way. I still enjoy being creative with every business I start.


Want to build your own empire in 2014 ?

Having worked for myself for fifteen plus years it’s time to give you some very simple start – up tips of your own if you’re ready to change your Life for the better.

I’ve provided more than enough inspiration. Now it’s time for action.

I’m going to advise that even if your business or idea works best offline, you need to find out what works online too.

If you want to add the financial self defence of a secure income stream that belongs to you and you alone, or simply want to create a movement and share your ideas with other people as a thought leader, I want to make it happen for you as quickly as possible.

Before we start however I want to honest with you. It takes work and time to build any income for yourself. You have to be focused and consistent. You have to love what you do otherwise you’ll never sustain it.


If you’re still on board with me at this stage I’ll give you a preview of what I’m willing to share .

• The psychological triggers that make people buy into a product or idea

• When to say ‘no’ to ‘opportunity’
• What actually sells online

• How to get traffic to your simple website

• How to convert visitors to long term buyers

• Ways to save time, keep it simple and avoid creating the hype and confusion that is spread by some marketers


I’m no Guru and don’t pretend to promise you the Earth.

What we’re going to do is learn together how to create wealth ( more time and more money simultaneously )

If you’re genuinely interested in creating more wealth this year I’d really appreciate your comments.

( You’ll need to jump the small hurdle of registering for Disqus to comment if you’re not already a user, which shows some commitment – hats off to you if you’re prepared to do this )


What next ?

I’m going to take the lead here because I know what will help you cut through all the confusion online and forge ahead.

Here’s a teaser in the form of a simple guide I recently wrote for a project of mine aimed at helping renewable energy companies to gain more market share ( and help offset Human induced climate change ) .

Conveniently this will also introduce you to the project in question ; introducing Energy Rockstars



Very soon I’ll be revealing very simple practical workbooks that anyone with a will to try new things can use to build an income when I revive the Battle : Passive Income series .. until then I hope to hear from you soon

Want true independence? Ignore investors. Bootstrap .

want true independence ?

image courtesy craigboy 

VCs .. why bother?

Much as ‘Angel’ investors can boost your profile and profits short term, they sure as hell knock your business and your lifestyle in the long run.

I’m saying this from a perspective of a small independent owner of a few successful brands. To put this in honest perspective I make enough to get by on; you won’t find me burning rubber in a Ferrari or even taking more than a few holidays abroad each year.

What you will find me doing is waking up without an alarm clock, having breakfast in bed every morning whilst coffee fueled commuters battle into the office. You’ll find me relaxing for at least a few hours ( I don’t worry if I don’t start work until 2pm ) walking the dog, going to the gym or just lolling about in a jacuzzi. Continue reading

Driven by Fear

Why be driven by fear?

Over the xmas break I’ve talked with various friends and family about the future.

We all agreed that short sighted, fear driven Human behaviour is going to eventually end us as a species.

We were all quite matter of fact about the way people are hard wired to react only to the most immediate threats, acting in a selfish and greedy manner to preserve their own immediate safety, but ultimately sealing their own fates by their collective lack of thought about the consequences of their actions.

Mindless consumerism, over use of natural resources, paranoid power hungry individuals driven by fear, overpopulation, lack of social conscience etc. all add up to a bleak future. If you don’t believe me ask Al Gore.

What we did all also agree was that the only way sane people could improve the future is to have hope.

Whilst that doesn’t appear logical, hope certainly allows us to eventually die with dignity and also adds to our everyday appreciation of this beautiful paradise we inhabit – that with luck should survive our negative impact.

So how to stop being driven by fear?

• stop being a slave to money. Buy a little of what you enjoy but stop blindly buying too much stuff you really don’t need. You’ll won’t be so afraid of losing this stuff.

• Consider what you consume; what you read, what you eat. Learn something new frequently, always question. Then you can afford to vegetate in front of rubbish TV now and again ( I do it myself sometimes )
Eat well, think about what’s in the food and how its produced, then you can pig out on pizza every so often.

• Think about your actions and how they affect others. Even a smile on its own can make a positive difference to someone you encounter

• Don’t use so much energy. Walk instead of driving when you can (I live near a town centre and rarely commute) turn your heating thermostat down a little, don’t just rush out to replace everything you own when you could fix what you have.

Most of all, stop worrying so much.

Our time here is fleeting and Life is simply there to be enjoyed. Enjoy 2014 and every day for the rest of your days.

What will happen will happen. Let go control and be at peace with yourself. It’s OK.

How to start a successful blog

Everyone wants to start a successful blog. But how ?

It depends on your definition of success.

I started my personal / business blog seven years ago, naively expecting to make money at some point along the way. It didn’t happen for two reasons.

First, I didn’t write with a specific financial slant in mind, like Pat does at smartpassiveincome for example ( excellent blog btw )

Second, as I went along I found that I wasn’t really that interested in writing just about making money.

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